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DJ Just-IN

DJ Just-IN

For years, DJ Just-IN has brought energy, electricity and
one-of-a-kind musical experiences to events throughout the San
Francisco Bay Area. From orchestrating the perfect crescendos at an
upscale New Year’s Eve bashes to hitting just the right notes in front
of an intimate crowds at venues such as at Parliament in Old Oakland,
DJ Just-IN ties together unique musical sounds to create the perfect
soundtrack for any event.

A trained jazz musician, Justin draws from a vast mental library of
cataloged sounds and notes to bring spontaneity to his music; reading
a crowd and responding instantaneously to keep the energy flowing.

He was fascinated by music from an early age, playing several
instruments throughout his youth before finally focusing on the jazz
trumpet and honing his craft. After graduating from San Jose State, he
began a brief career outside the music industry before realizing his
passion was in entertainment and launching JustINtertainment.

A great DJ is an artist and Justin is skilled in his craft. With deep
musical knowledge and a love of all genres, he is able to connect with
diverse audiences and match his mixes to what they want to hear.

He has performed at hundreds of events and weddings throughout the Bay
Area, for crowds as large as 5000 people.