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Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by using a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising.

Your dance floor will be transformed instantaneously with a beautiful sea of cloud which will gently lap around your feet, creating a magical look that will really add the ‘Wow’ factor to your first dance.

Create a spectacular first dance

Dancing on the Clouds is a beautiful visual effect that creates heart-stirring moments. The first dance is an immensely special moment and much anticipated by your guests. Dancing on the Clouds will create a breathtakingly beautiful scene with the bride and groom dancing together for the first time as husband and wife with that little bit of magic thrown in. It is perfectly safe, odorless and harmless and will not leave any residue or effect fire alarms. The cloud itself will feel cool around your feet and will naturally dissipate into a gas leaving your dance floor clear when you are ready.

JustINtertainment can also take Dancing on the Clouds to the next level with the clever use of uplighting to change the color of your cloud to enhance your chosen theme.

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Dancing on the Clouds

Uplighting has become a standard for most events and is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a poorly lit space.

Uplights are a series of freestanding light fixtures, beautifying a room or the outside of a building. The lights are placed on or near the floor to illuminate upward toward a wall or ceiling.

Many color options are available. While colors such as blue, pink, and purple are always popular, burnt orange and amber have a classy sophistication and provide a subtle warm candlelight-glow around the room. We typically will use the same color scheme as the theme of the wedding or event.

When placed properly, uplighting can take any design to a new level and create an entirely different ambiance.

By choosing up lighting, clients may forego the overhead fluorescent lights at most venues that are generally unflattering. It also creates the perfect atmosphere and lighting for photos and videos.

LED units have the ability to match virtually any color and allow for easy color transitions to create several different looks and moods throughout the evening. LED lights have the capability to change color or rotate to the beat of the music, creating a spectacular light show that is sure to impress your guests.

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Intelligent Lighting

Lighting can be extremely important for your event. Depending on your affair, lighting can set the mood of your theme and motivate guests to dance. There are different types of lighting that can make this magical color spectacle happen.

Intelligent lighting is a term used for an innovative type of party or stage light. Their automated mechanism allows the lights to move and create complicated and colorful effects. For celebrations, intelligent lighting can create lighting arrangements of your desired color to match your theme. For theatricals, they can change the stage from daylight to dusk. Moving heads and scanners are the most up to date technology in the intelligent lighting spectrum.

A moving head has the ability to change colors and patterns. It has a wide range of mobility options, such as circular, pan, and tilt. The newer moving heads can rotate between 360°- 180° degrees. They are visually more interesting to guests and offer a larger range of movement and lighting output than scanners.

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Custom Gobos

A gobo is a circular stencil that is mounted over a light to project a design or pattern on a dance floor, wall, ceiling, or other surfaces. Custom gobos are the perfect way to customize your event in a unique and affordable way.

Ideal for corporate events, a custom gobo allows for brand promotion by displaying company logos near the entrance, around the conference room or on the dance floor. Custom gobos can be used year after year once created, making them both a green choice and cost-effective. Custom gobos are great for weddings, as they allow couples to have a unique projection that is truly their own as part of the celebration. Custom gobos are perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, and holiday parties.

Since gobos are crafted of metal and are custom designed for each customer, we encourage them to be kept as a special keepsake of their celebration. If a corporate logo is being created, you can use the same gobo for many years.

Our Entertainment Specialists can provide many ideas for a personalized gobo and can work with you to help design and create your gobo. Clients may also provide their own artwork.

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Photo Booth

We provide premium photo booth rentals for special events of all types. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the same nostalgic feel of a traditional photo booth while still taking advantage of the latest technological innovations that make our new digital photo booths an even better experience for our clients and their guests.

Our booths allow us to provide rich and vibrant color or dramatic black and white double strips on the spot.

In addition to fast, high-quality photos; we offer optional services including personalization of the photo strip design, additional photo booth curtain colors, and custom photo booth design.

For your guest’s comfort and enjoyment, a nice bench seat and on-screen instructions are provided by the screen inside the booth make every guest experience an enjoyable one. Further, every booth rental fee includes a friendly attendant to assist with your photo scrapbook creation and keep the line moving quickly.

Our photo booths are ready to become the hit of your upcoming event. We invite you to learn more about our services by filling out our contact form or calling us today at 415-578-5764

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